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Hi all,

Just a notice that we are having some technical difficulties with email notifications.

For the moment the emails will most likely appear in your spam folder, you can choose to mark those emails as "Not Spam" in Gmail and it should eventually not mark future ones as spam.

All emails will be delivered from the email "" and may have a name "UNKNOWN" or the poster's email address in the name field.

Thanks for your patience  :)

Unfortunately it seems as if these have stopped working again. I just realised I have not seen an email from here for quite some time. Does anyone else have the same problem? Or is it just me? Nothing in my spam folder, either.

They were turned off for a reason I don't understand. I'll find out if anything can be done but it might take a little while longer sorry.

Thanks for looking into it, but no worries if it's not doable. Maybe it's a good idea actually, it might inspire proactivity somehow?

Hi guys,

So I have re-summoned the mailer demon for now (actually a daemon but I like to call them demons), so it will continue to serve our mail to us until I banish it to the fiery pits of damnation once again.

As for why it was disabled, basically the mailer daemon is old as hell (har har) as most of the code behind it was literally written in the 70s and probably in PASCAL or something, and doesn't really have any security. I was recently victim to a cryptocurrency bot-net hack and the mailer daemon was one of the potential causes, so I disabled it while I found the solution to that. Still haven't, but regardless, I'm not really confident it's the mailer daemon's fault. So, unless I get hacked again, mail will work.

As for why it shows up in spam, this again relates to google not trusting stuff not sent using TLS and various other security protocols, and the reason why I can't have it do that, is because this forum software is configured to send mail using PHP's inbuilt mail function (another ancient language), and I can't really change that. There is a work around, but that's a little down the track unfortunately. Hopefully it still being spam will suffice.

Much appreciated,


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