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Happy New Year!


Hi everyone,

I hope you've had a fun and relaxing break and either have been writing or are getting excited about getting back into things! I'm definitely the latter haha oops..

SO, take this as an opportunity to let us all know how your summer is going, what kind of headspace you're in and what you want to achieve this year. If you want to. Maybe we can hold each other accountable to our goals, or maybe we can have a communal goal to work towards like putting together a publication.

Much Love,

Serena xxxxx

So as for me, I've had a pretty quiet summer. Been to visit my parents, climbed a small mountain, visited some beaches, ate a lot of food. But a huge portion of my summer so far has been sweating away in my room trying to stay cool enough to do something productive and usually failing. I've been watching lots of QI and reading about all sorts of interesting but very random crap on the internetsss.  So it's been okay but I feel a bit disappointed with myself for not 'achieving' much.

And I really hope to get back into a sort of a writing habit but it's just so damn hot all the time. Maybe I need to become nocturnal..

I guess my goal for this year is to really push myself to write regularly because that's something I've never managed to do for more than a few weeks at a time before.

Happy New Everything!

Mountain climbing and beaches sound like a really good summer! I also have been experiencing temperature regulation problems  :o
Early mornings are pretty cool though. But they are the antithesis of nocturnal...

I must admit I have not been in the mood for writing much at all, or perhaps I've been procrastinating it by making electronics videos instead, which seem easier as they have a more concrete and definite outline. There is a logical end point which you cannot miss when you get there. The same is not necessarily true of a poem or a painting.

Perhaps we could implement some kind of update feed into which we enter a word count for every day's writing, and a visual progress bar which restarts at zero if you miss one day. That sounds rather scary. A Mexican ultimatum.

Glad to know I'm not the only one! It's really hard, as you say, when you can't measure what you've done. I'm not normally a fan of word counts myself because I feel like some of my better work is really short/sparse but I can see it would be a great idea for just making me actually write something at all. How to you propose instigating this "Mexican ultimatum"?


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